Arkadiy was born in Leningrad on January 7, 1966. Arkadiy grew up in the Saint Petersburg.  His father was a factory worker and my mother worked as a seamstress.  Arkadiy’s first work experience came in the early Eighties building wooden houses during summer holidays from school.   He also worked in the summertime picking strawberries in a farm and selling watermelons with my cousin, the current president of SELA corporations, Boris Ostrobrod.


After Arkadiy graduated from high school in 1983, he started his studies in electrical engineering in the Leningrad’s Mining and Electromechanical Institute.  While a student at the Institute, he also combined his studies with a job in one of the first photo studios in St. Petersburg, created by his cousin Boris.


After graduating from the Institute in 1988, Arkadiy continued his professional experience in the photo studio as an agent taking orders and later became a photographer after he was able to buy his own camera.


В 1989 году Борис эмигрировал в Израиль, Аркадий продолжил работать в кооперативе.


Since 2013, he has been conducting development projects in the Leningrad Region.


In 2016, Arkadiy became a shareholder of the insurance company Capital-Policy.


In April 2017, Arkadiy became a co-owner of the Pic’nMix company, which produces his own toys.