Grondard is a marzipan and chocolate business. My cousin and I started production in 2001. At that time we believed that the right idea would attract right people to develop the business and as a result we would definitely have profit. Unfortunately, it didn’t work this way. Our main business Sela took all the time and energy. The 2008 crisis came, and my cousin and companion, Boris Ostrobrod, suggested that we close this unprofitable business. But I decided to buy out of my cousin’s share and keep it for myself. Almost 3 years after leaving Sela, I was just a founder and investor of this business.

In January 2013, I decided to part with the general director of the factory, who wasn’t able to make the business profitable. I took over the management, although, to be honest, by that time I had not worked at the level of an operational manager for a long time. I decided to give the business last chance to see if it has the right to exist. By that time I had accumulated many years of experience in building distribution in retail. My past experience helped me launched a new history of Grondard. I must say that a year and a half after my management, we first made a profit.

And then fate brought me together with a man who became the general director of the enterprise. We agreed to achieve certain conditions under which he must become a partner in business. According to the results of the work, he not only achieved the required indicators but he increased them 4 times. Since then, business has doubled every year.