I can say that Sela is my pride. My cousin, Boris Ostrobrod, and I started our business in 1991. We were the first in Russia to build a federal chain of clothing stores for the whole family, based on the principles of franchising.
For me, the main thing in this business was building a community of like-minded people. In the 90s, there was still no such thing as corporate culture. I thought that it would be very right to unite all our partners from other cities into one federal network. Later I was happy to learn that participation in all the corporate events went far beyond the scope of business issues, and the partners became friends – they participated in the annual Sela cup regattas in Yekaterinburg, helped relatives or friends of Sela partners from other cities. This system worked for self-development, on the one hand, the chain of stores increased, and on the other hand, we got the opportunity to earn money and improve our brand. At the zenith of the company’s development, the number of stores reached to about 600!