New Soikino

New Soikino development business is like an unplanned child for me. I never thought that fate would push me against construction, but as they say, never say never.
My first experience as an investor in 2006-2007 led to the purchase of land. The price of land was constantly increasing, and I decided to make an investment. In 2008, a crisis hit the country. After 4 years, when the land became an unsaleable asset, it became clear that the only way to get out of this activation was construction. It was necessary to build something attractive to sell later. And I began to get acquainted with the nuances of the suburban cottage construction business.
I met my first business partners in the field, in the truest sense of the word. We changed the status of the land, sketched out the project and started building. In the first year, there were almost no sales, and it was not clear why: either the economic situation in the country was bad, or we were selling at the wrong price.
After a year and a half, I changed my business partners. For more than half a year, the sales situation had not changed. We came up with a new concept for the village. In February 2013, the project was brought to the market. And it happened – in the first 4 months, sales exceeded the previous year’s almost 5 times. Now we are gaining experience in self-construction.