The Academy of Kindness

As a Vice President of the International Academy of Kindness, Arkadiy is actively promoting the Dandelion project which installs the Symbol of Peace and Kindness sculpture around the world.

To date, over 40 Dandelion symbols have been placed across 28 countries, including France, United States, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Ukraine, China, the Philippines, Mexico, Malaysia, Switzerland and more. We started installing them in the world’s airports (cultural transit points) where their meaning is most relevant and they are available to be interacted with by a large number of people. In February 2017, the Symbol of Peace and Kindness was installed at the airport of San Salvador, after which the area near the airport was renamed the Square of Kindness. In 2017, the opening ceremony of Dandelion was held at Pulkovo International Airport. In 2018 and 2019, Dandelion was installed in Colombia, the city of Pereira, the capital of Costa Rica, the city of San Jose, Cyprus, in Russia in the city of Ulyanovsk, and the largest international airport of Russia “Vnukovo” in Moscow