Arkadiy Pekarevskiy: Do not try to fix what is currently not working

A charismatic businessman launches marzipan, which make wishes come true, and promotes the Symbol of Peace and Kindness in the world’s airports, one of which (a giant Dandelion) has already been installed in Pulkovo. For us, Arkadiy wrote a practical business plan on how to become successful. Spoiler: work on yourself.

Every person has a vocation. In my picture of the world, the most important thing is to find your own vocation. When you live according to it, you are in the flow. And then your life is full, the most effective and fruitful. But there is no linear answer to the question of how to find this vocation, just as there are no direct answers to other fundamental questions. You cannot use recipes from trainings and courses on how to make money and be successful. If they worked, then everyone around would be rich, happy and healthy. The fact is that the relationships with the energy of money, like with any other strong energy, is deeply individual, you can call it fate or karma. But the good news is that you can influence this energy.

As soon as I solved the question with my basic money needs, I began to ask myself about the meaning of my life. I remember when I was thirty-five I was asking people what was the purpose of life. They told me that the goal is to raise children. Then I accepted the answer. But now I think as you evolve life goals change. Today, I believe that someone who has solved basic money needs should work to improve this world, gain experience and become a better version of themselves. How exactly to do this, only you know. And each is his own coordinate system. You are a whole world that intersects with other worlds. People live by the intersection of the world.

The rules of life are absolutely simple and straightforward. Everyone knows how to do it, but few do it. For example, to lose weight by summer, you need to limit calories, stop eating carbohydrates after lunch, and exercise. Who is this lifestyle? Not many. I remember I had a conversation with my cousin about some problem in our business. We needed to optimize some of the processes in the joint business, and I offered options. He listened to me and said: “Well, I know it already. Could you suggest a new decision.” And this is the main mistake. The brain blocks clear and correct decisions, denying them as obvious. The simplest solution is often the only correct one.

If you constantly come across shit in life, then something is wrong not with the outside world, but with you.

I am often asked why I am always positive, and I answer that I want to live in a happy world. You can stay in twilight and gloom, or you can walk along the shining promenade of the seaside resort town – you yourself choose whether to light the road you are walking on. I just pass positive vibes to people. I call it “turn on the light.” I am the first to smile, I notice pleasant things. By the way, the more vicious a person is, the more interesting it is for me to make they smile. For this gift I am very grateful to my fate. In the most severe situations, I came across normal, cool, empathetic people. I even made friends with the tax inspectors sincerely, and this relationship began with the fact that in the 1990s I had to go for interrogation and the ending of this performance was unpredictable. And it so happened that after this interrogation, I acquired three close fellows with whom I have been friends for more than twenty years.

If the problem is described it’s half solved. There is no answer without a question. But there is a nuance here – it is important to be realistic. A relative of mine, who works in a hospital for drug addicts, brought out a trend: ninety percent of patients started using drugs after having set goals that were obviously impossible to achieve. The universe responds to a request instantly: the right idea is a good channel of perception. Everything depends on the empathy and development of the brain – how much a person is able to pick up the vibrations that come to him. This is how I came up with the “magic marzipan”. My confectionery factory Grondard will release a set of marzipan bars from which you can mold your dreams. Marzipan sculpting can be sort of meditation, which will help you determine your priority and visualize the dream.

Everything changes, and so do we. Do not try to fix what is currently not working; doesn’t matter what it is : love, business or whatever. The main thing is not to get upset so as not to fall into the pit of negativity. Like attracts like. There is a positive side in any situation. The only question is where we focus our attention. There is no growth without loss, all failures are lessons.

Several books helped me to form as individuals and acquire a vital foundation. At school, I read How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, it became one of the basic ones for me – it just struck me with concrete practical examples. I still remember a lot, for example, when you come to a meeting with a person from whom you want to get something, you have to talk about what is interesting to him, create a corridor of mutual understanding. And in my business it is absolutely necessary. I build communication all the time.

Someone who has solved basic needs must work to improve this world

At the Vitebsk railway station, in the years of a terrible shortage of everything, I had a cashier friend who helped me with tickets in exchange of good attitude, so that I could arrange a trip for my important partners. This is how it works. The second my favorite book is “Diamond Wisdom” by Michael Roach. I even brought Michael Roach to St. Petersburg to give a lecture. I am impressed by his theory. He claims that everything that happens to you in life is the sprouted seeds of what you planted in the past. Good or bad events are your impulses. And he teaches the system of materializing desires in four steps. First, clearly state your desires, or better write them down. Second, find someone who has the same desires. Third, set up a weekly one-hour meeting with them discuss what did you do to make your goals close to you. Fourth, water the seeds: before going to bed, experience the joy of helping someone to pursue their dreams.

I made a personality chart using the astrological technique “Human Design” and found out that my vocation is to mentor people. This is probably why I can explain important things in clear language with simple examples. And I love it. So on my Youtube I publish videos “Thoughts aloud”.
Once I came to the bank. While waiting for the paperwork I shared one of my business rules with an employee. She said she never heard of it before. And I thought, maybe I should to do podcast in which I can share my experience? Now there are about thirty such videos, and I am always grateful when I get feedback from people.
I have a friend, the president of the International Academy of Kindness, sculptor Grigory Pototsky. He works in a semi-basement workshop, which was visited by Charles Aznavour, Gerard Depardieu, Emir Kusturica. On behalf of Russia, he presented the world with more than a hundred different sculptures. This absolute enthusiast and selfless person spends all the money he Eans on making new sculptors which he presents. He came up with idea of the Symbol of Kindness – a sculpture of a Dandelion made of open human palms and eyes. I wanted to deliver these Dandelions at the 100 largest airports in the world. This is my most ambitious plan. There will be a sign in front of the symbol: “Kindness and gratitude are the basic laws of humanity. Where there is kindness, there are no boundaries. ” You can put your palms to the palm of the sculpture and send an impulse of love and goodness to your anybody you want. If people do this, imagine how much positive energy there will be in air, it will even protect the airport form negative energy, no matter how strange it sounds. In June, we installed the Symbol of Kindness in Pulkovo. And from the magic marzipan I sculpted thirty more symbols, because this is my goal for the year.

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